Experience and Advancement

Civilization is light in a world of darkness. Its bastions are as lanterns which brightly shine forth, illuminating the world around them, calling out to those lost in the distance. Every city is a lighthouse, and every village a candle. And between, the oppressive darkness pushes in. Sometimes, the Beyond seeks to reclaim the land of the civilized, and monsters boil out of the dark to swallow up one of Civilization's lights. Conventional wisdom holds that the sane do not venture out into the dark, where the wild and dangerous creatures of darkness live. Conventional wisdom holds that Adventurers are not sane.

The life of an adventurer is one of fortunes found and lost. Adventurers are the crazy folk who travel beyond the lantern's light, illuminating however briefly the lands beyond civilization. They are comfortable in the dark, and this makes them different. To some, the life of an adventurer is romantic: pushing back the darkness and discovering new and beautiful things. But to others, they upset the status quo: every poke at the darkness invites reply, threatening to bring the darkness crashing back down upon their heads.

The role of the adventurer then is to go out beyond the light and bring back the treasures of the darkness. As adventurers bring more and more treasures back, they increase in station and ability, enabling them to bring more resources to bear and bringing back greater treasures. Ultimately, adventurers either settle down igniting their own lantern and pushing back the darkness a little more, or silently go into the night never to return.

Players Characters will receive XP commensurate to the value of any treasure they recover from beyond civilization. This can be found in a hole somewhere, or through trade with the barbarians of far off lands. But recovering the treasure is not enough: they must also spend that treasure.

How do adventurers spend their hard-earned coin? Through drink, debt, and equipping themselves for the next adventure!

The following table describes different ways to spend gold and the return on investment these provide.

Expense RoI Additional Benefit
Non-magic weapons, armour, and equipment 1:1


Purchasing magical weapons, armour, and equipment 10:8


Henchmen, Hirelings, Sages, & Retainers 1:1 None
Living Expenses 1:1 See Living expenses
Business Investments 1:d10/4.5 Additional income
Charity 8:10 Blessings
Purchasing Capital 1:1 None
Magical Research & Item Creation 1:1 None
Business Expenses 2:1 None
Carousing 1:d8/4.5 None
Funeral Expenses / Life insurance* 1:2 XP Goes to beneficiary
Training** 1:1 None

* GP spent on funeral expenses are applied to the PC's designated beneficiary (aka the player's next PC). A PC can have up to two beneficiaries.

** PCs must train for one week per level to level up. XP gained from training can count towards the level they hope to attain. 


Living Expenses

The more lavish a lifestyle PCs live, the better their endeavors are. When using the downtime system, the following benefits will be applied based on the PC's lifestyle:

Lifestyle Cost per Week Bonus
Destitute 0 -4
Poor 3gp / month -2
Common 10gp / month 0
Wealthy 100gp / month +2
Extravagant 1000gp / month +4

Additional rules for the effects of living expenses are detailed on p405 of the Pathfinder Core Rulebook.

Experience and Advancement

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