Death and Dying


DEATH THRESHOLD: Your death threshold is a negative number equal to your maximum hit points or your Constitution score (whichever is greater). For example, if you have a maximum of 23 hit points, then your death threshold is -23.
ALIVE: You are alive as long as your current hit points are above -1.
SORT-OF DEAD: You are sort-of dead if your hp is between -1 and your death threshold (inclusive). Sort-of dead characters are disabled (q.v.), and can heal naturally.
MOSTLY DEAD: You are mostly dead if your current hit points are below your death threshold, OR your Constitution score is 0. Mostly dead characters automatically lose 1 hp per round, and cannot benefit from natural healing.
ALL DEAD: He's dead Jim. Nothing, save direct Divine intervention, a Wish, or a prison break from Hell Orpheus-style can return the dead to life.

Constitution Score Damage

Characters reduced to 0 Constitution are mostly dead, but still have whatever hit points were left to them. They still lose 1 hit point per round until their Constitution is raised to at least 1. If their hit points drop below their death threshold, it will be necessary to raise both their Constitution and their hit points in order to return them to life.
Note: Clerics may spontaneously cast lesser restoration, restoration, and greater restoration spells as if they were cure spells.

Death Effects

Any special ability or spell that results in death instead causes 4d6 points of Constitution damage. On a successful save, the special ability or spell causes 2 points of Constitution damage (instead of whatever effect a save would normally have).

Massive Damage Threshold

There is no massive damage threshold.

Sort-of Dead (-1 to Death Threshold)


Once you reach 0 hit points you are considered disabled. A disabled character moves at half speed and may only take a partial action each round. Disabled characters who perform a standard action (or any other strenuous action, such as casting a quickened spell) take 1 hp of damage after the action.
While you’re disabled, you must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + the number of hit points below zero) each time you take damage (including the damage which resulted in you becoming disabled).  If you fail this save you fall unconscious.
Unless you have stabilized (see below), you take 1 hp of damage per round while disabled.


TENDED CHARACTERS: A disabled character can be helped with a first aid check (Heal, DC 15). On a success, the character stabilizes and begins healing naturally.
UNTENDED CHARACTERS: A disabled character without assistance who takes no action in a round has a 10% chance of stabilizing. Even after stabilizing they may still take additional damage, however: Each day they must make a 10% roll to start healing naturally. If they fail this check, they instead suffer 1 hp of damage and must check again the next day
WAKING UP: Once an unconscious disabled character has been stabilized, they have a 10% chance of waking up each hour. An untended character (who has not benefited from a first aid check) who fails to wake up also takes 1 hp of damage with each failed check.


NATURAL HEALING: After a full night’s rest (8 hours of sleep or more), you recover 1 hit point per character level. Any significant interruption during your rest prevents you from healing that night. If you undergo complete bed rest for an entire day and night, you recover twice your character level in hit points.
MAGICAL HEALING: Magical healing spells are maximized (they always restore the maximum possible number of hit points). Any magical healing automatically stabilizes a character. A character unconscious as a result of their injuries also wakes up as a result of magical healing.

Mostly Dead (< Death Threshold)

"This fella here, he's only sort of dead, which means there's still a memory inside, there's still bits of brain. You apply a little pressure here, a little more there, sometimes you get results."
-Miracle Max

Mostly-dead characters are unconscious. 
They do not benefit from natural healing, but may benefit from magical healing.
Mostly dead characters automatically lose 1 hp per round.

If a mostly dead character's hp is raised above her death threshold, or Constitution score is at least 1, she is only sort-of dead.

If a character is mostly-dead for seven days (measured in Sundowns, starting the day they died), their soul departs for the Underworld and they become all dead. Similarly, if the body is destroyed the soul loses its tether in the Material and departs.

GENTLE REPOSE: A gentle repose spell temporarily stops the loss of hit points a dead character suffers. It also extends the period of time in which a character can be revived.

RAISE DEAD: The Raise Dead spell will return a Mostly Dead PC to life with 1 hp and 1 Constitution. At this point, they can heal normally.
A character's initial Constitution score is the absolute limit to the number of times the character can be raised or resurrected from death. Each such revival reduces the character's Constitution score by one. Magic can restore a reduced Constitution score to its original value or even higher, but this has no effect on the number of times a character can be revived from death! Once the character has exhausted his original Constitution, nothing short of divine intervention can bring him back, and divine intervention is reserved for only the bravest and most faithful heroes!
Raise Dead is subject to failure base don the character's current Constitution score:

<caption>Raise Dead Survival</caption>

Ability    Score  Resurrection Survival
0 or 1 30%
2 35%
3 40%
4 45%
5 50%
6 55%
7 60%
8 65%
9  70%
10 75%
11 80%
12 85%
13                     90%
14                     92%
15                   94%
16                     96%
17                   98%
18+                     100%


Raise dead will not restore lost limbs or body parts, nor will it negate poison or disease. It cannot raise anyone that has died of natural causes. Raise dead will not effect a dragon, an ogre, an elf, or an orc.

As an additional material component, a baby tooth of the party to be raised must be provided.

RESURRECTION: As Raise Dead (q.v.), except that it can effect any creature, restores lost body parts, and purges disease and poison.
SOUL JAR: Trapping the soul of a mostly-dead character can allow it to be re-tethered to a healed body. However, there are consequences for this: the God of the Dead does not take kindly to those who often refuse him his due.

All Dead (< Death Threshold, longer than 7 days Mostly Dead)

"Only one thing you can do: go through his clothes and look for loose change."
-Miracle Max

Nothing can bring such a character back, short of traveling to the Underworld on a rescue mission or direct divine intervention by a deity of at least Lesser status.

Death and Dying

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