Welcome to the Last Voyage of the Sea Wyvern!

Come closer, and let me tell you the tale of how five brave adventurers grew rich, fat, and wise. This is a tale of Fortunes won and lost, and of Fate's fickle blessings. This is your tale.

It all started on a hot day in the city bazaar. You were out shopping when an old man grabbed you by the front of your shirt and looked into your eyes: "You! You are one of the Chosen Ones! You must accept your destiny!" And he shoved a tattered piece of parchment into your hands before hurrying off into the crowd, disappearing. Looking at the page, it has a crudely drawn map of the docks with a large red 'X' over one of the berths. It looks suspiciously like it was drawn with the man's blood. On the reverse is what appears to be a piece of a larger chart, but it's not clear where it is a chart of. Maybe if you can find the other pieces…

By Fortune and Fate